Origami Wall

ORIGAMI WALL is an original solution of concrete blocks, which pushes the boundaries of functionality and usability beyond ordinary vertical gardens. The system can be used as a retaining wall for landscaping or as a vertical wall for the interior and exterior.

The geometric structure creates a gallery for growing various species of plants with its niches allowing each plant to stand out, regardless of its size or species. Whether you are carefully planting the wall, or it remains empty, the graphic structure guarantees a quality appearance, even during its continuous renewal.

PDF Catalogue: ORIGAMI-WALL-2022-W90-EN

PDF Catalogue: ORIGAMI-WALL-2022-W55-EN

ORIGAMI WALL emerged from the absence of a high-quality solution for a retaining wall and a vertical garden in one. Especially today, when the space of private gardens is shrinking, the ORIGAMI WALL project aims to bring local vegetable growing to even the smallest gardens and backyards. The retaining wall project emphasizes multi-functional and visually high-quality features that will enable local gardening for people in residential areas in populated cities.

The specificity of this green wall is the ability to respond to greenery, which decreases in the winter months. Origami wall is able to maintain visual quality and run a winter dormancy without losing its attractivity.

Characteristic polygonal texture as well as the variability of its use gave it the name ORIGAMI. And so the ORIGAMI WALL project was created – a system connecting a retaining wall, decorative wall and vertical garden in one.


ORIGAMI SYSTEMS s.r.o. / Údolní 406/48 / Veveří / 602 00 Brno

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