Pure Eco Single Seat With Backrest (3000)

The Pure single-seater is a bench with a natural character. Because the heart of the tree is still in the wood, there is always some cracking. This is part of the design and enhances the natural feel of the bench. The bench is therefore written on the body for green, natural environments, but is certainly not out of place in an urban environment. This bench from the Pure series is equipped with a backrest. This backrest does not cover the entire length of the bench but provides one-third of the bench with a backrest.

The Pure is perhaps the most honest bench series from Grijsen. The bench is made from a solid wood beam. For the wood of the Pure Grijsen has deliberately chosen 100% FSC certified domestic Douglas trees from the forests of Staatsbosbeheer.


  • Tagged with NL Greenlabel A
  • The stored COremains captured
  • Frame made of corten steel

Forestry Commission

For Staatsbosbeheer, sustainable harvesting is, in addition to protection and experience, a form of utilization. The cooperation with Grijsen gives this wood a useful application in the form of the Pure benches and it will last for years. The stored CO2 remains captured. in the wood.


The Douglas wood has had a special preservation process. This is based on vacuum pressure, whereby ingredients are used that come from nature and are 95% mineral-based. The impregnated elements have increased durability and therefore belong to durability class 2/3. The base of the outdoor bench is made entirely of corten steel. This pure type of steel has a rust-colored “oxide skin” that prevents oxygen from reaching the deeper-lying material. This slows down the rusting process and increases the lifespan.

NL Greenlabel A

The Pure Eco is a unique series within the street furniture range of Grijsen. This series is labeled with NL Greenlabel A. This means that the seating meets the vision of NL Greenlabel and that the Pure Eco is measurably sustainable and has a low ecological footprint.


  • The benches in the Pure series may have relatively large cracking.
    This is part of the design.
  • The resin may come out of the preserved Douglas fir. The wood is then still in the hardening process. This is part of the natural character of the wood but is only a temporary process. After curing, the resin can be easily removed with a piece of sandpaper or a brush.

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