Typology Ribbon Bench

A meandering stream. The Typology ribbon bench is the flowing centerpiece, bridging all elements of the Typology Collection. Modular segments in a straight configuration and two different degrees of small and large radius enable the bench to meander seamlessly throughout the landscape. It defines spaces, connects spaces, guides pedestrians, and can even form amphitheater-like semicircular hubs that encourage community interaction.

On each modular segment, a thin layer of ultra-high performance concrete drapes like a mantle over cast aluminum supports to express an elegance, refinement and seemingly impossible lightness. Soft, rounded edges invite comfort and relaxation. Contrasting the smooth, radiused form of the concrete profiles, the cast aluminum supports and end caps-with faceted surfaces like cut gems-communicate heft, angularity and precision in manufacturing.

The central gap between the two concrete profiles serves as a mounting point for optional backrests, armrests and extended functional surfaces to be implemented in strategic locations throughout the configuration. Emanating from within the ribbon bench, optional integral downward-facing lighting illuminates the space around the feature, creating an illusion that the entire structure almost levitates.

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